Our kitties

So since Maxwell has been back with us, he’s been having a hard time because Mochi and Misu have been terrorizing him a bit. They haven’t lived together for the whole year and Maxwell has been somewhat of an outdoor cat so doesn’t enjoy being cooped up inside. He tried to escape out a window today!

But he does seem to be settling down a bit… around 7 or 8pm, he starts meowing and looking around for a lap to crawl into and take his nap. Usually it’s me because I usually have the blanket on my lap. He’ll fall into a deep sleep for a few hours. I think he was cranky the first few weeks because he wasn’t getting enough restful sleep, he always had one eye open for the other cats approaching.

I had to get up for a drink of water so wrapped him up in the blanket and he fell right back to sleep… so cute!

Ron and I made a place for him on top of one of our shelves so that he’d have a bird eye’s view so hopefully won’t be so scared that the other cats will harass him. He’s sleeping on a Chococat cushion.

Mochi is so fluffy and she’s gaining a bit of weight. She’s been a bit more friendly than normal which I am enjoying. I’m feeding them a bit less so they don’t overeat.

Tiramisu our very friendly kitty. He can’t sit still when you’re scratching his head, he purrs like crazy and can drool a bit when he’s overly excited. So watch out for a wet nose if you’re petting him.

Meow Meow…

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