Lime Tree and Crepevine

Today was a kind of a busy day… I got up early to take care of bills (yuck!) then went to get gas, drove to Concord for my friend Grace’s son’s 3rd birthday party, went to County Square Market (an Asian supermarket), Target, the post office, Pet Food Express, Michael’s, Lucky, and then drove all the way back to San Francisco and we went to dinner with Ron’s friend Andrew at Lime Tree and Crepevine.

The highlights of the afternoon:
1. Picked up great fruits from the Asian market… some prickly pear and white peaches the size of a softball. Will take some pictures as we dig into them.
2. When you buy postage at the post office, the machine prints the stamps on self-adhesive paper instead of spitting out those booklets… pretty cool stuff… but can’t believe that first class mail is 42 cents!
3. At Pet Food Express they were having cat adoptions, I got to see all the babies before they packed them to go for the day. One of the cats looked almost exactly like Mochi!

So Lime Tree is a Southeast Asian restaurant. We got to have some familiar flavors of Malaysia and Singapore.

Murtabak served with curry sauce, a crispy roti prata stuffed with minced meat, green onions and eggs. Smaller than those in Singapore but tasted pretty similar.

Chicken satay with peanut sauce. The chicken was pretty moist. Though it was missing the lontong (a kind of rice cake).

Mie Tek-tek, an egg noodle with chicken and vegetables in spicy broth. Sounded interesting so thought we’d try it. I think it’d be better as a lunch item rather as something to share for dinner. I liked the spice though, glad we got the spicy instead of the mild.

Beef rendang with rice. I only had a bit, had a strong coconut taste. The guys seemed to enjoy it though.

Chili crab! The sauce was good, sweet and spicy and thick! But there was no fried bread rolls to go with it 🙁 Although I have to give the place credit, they are smart and they give you a crab leg crackers, crab meat forks, tons of napkins and wet naps.

Afterwards, we went for dessert at Crepevine. We ordered the “Georgia” sweet crepe which is filled with apples, cheddar cheese (yes, that’s correct!), cinnamon, and sugar. It’s served with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream.

It was lovely. The cheese was a bit salty so balanced the sweetness of everything else and the touch of cinnamon made it even better. YUM!

Lime Tree
450A Irving Street
San Francisco, CA

624 Irving Street
San Francisco, CA

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  1. gldnbearz

    yum… Crepevine. Haven’t been there in a while. Used to live right around the corner at 7th & Irving.

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