Outing alone with Simon

Day 59

I rely on Ron a lot when we go out with Simon so I thought I’d try to take a short trip with him by myself.  Since I was only going to Borders, which is a few blocks away, I probably didn’t need his diaper bag but I brought it just in case and stuffed my wallet and phone in it.  I didn’t want to handle the Snap’n’go down the front steps so strapped Simon into the Baby Bjorn.


He was having a fussy day so probably wasn’t the best day to take him on a walk but he enjoyed the wind on his face and calmed down when we were outside.  He only fussed while we were in the store.  I think because the second floor in the children’s section was overheated.  He also wanted to eat but only 1 oz at a time, every 30-60 minutes.  We don’t understand his eating habits, sometimes he can guzzle 3 oz at one time and sometimes he only wants to snack.  He had eaten before we left but it was a good thing I prepared a bottle for our outing.  I’m not sure how I would manage to unstrap him from the Baby Bjorn and breastfeed him while he was fussing… I will have to practice that.

We made it home okay with no major meltdowns.  The walk uphill to our apartment building was good exercise, it got my heart rate going.  I was really warm though with Simon against my chest, he and I were both a bit sweaty.

Simon really likes to stick out his tongue at us now.


I wonder if this will be trouble when he starts eating solid food.  I can imagine him pushing the food out of his mouth with his tongue… what a mess that will be!

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