At home with mommy

Day 58

Simon was quite active this afternoon.  He was smiling up a storm.


My friend Suanty asked me why Simon never wears socks or mittens.  Well, we never put on mittens since we want him to explore his hands but he does have plenty of socks.  These are thanks to my co-worker Ed who (for some reason) had a whole bag of these Trumpette socks in various different colors and styles.  They are the best socks since they hardly ever slip off and are super cute.


Here is Misu checking out Simon while he is playing on his playmat.  I got this photo “mid-lick”… he was just grooming himself, not thinking that Simon was a tasty morsel.


Simon has a super high forehead and really big eyes.  I really think he looks like an alien sometimes!


The other day I got a Balboa Baby sling because I wanted to try something besides the Baby Bjorn.  The Baby Bjorn is probably more comfortable with the lumbar support but can be cumbersome to put on when you have a squirming baby.  The sling seemed easy to put on so you can “wear” your baby and have more freedom with your arms.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m using it right since Simon seems super squished inside and his legs/feet seem in an uncomfortable position.  Although, he didn’t seem to mind as he was smiling up at me.


I will have to try it again when he is less squirmy.  I like that it is lighter and softer material.  I know there was a recent warning and/or recall about slings because babies have suffocated in them but I think that was more with newborns who aren’t able to turn their head easily so their nose and mouth gets pressed up against mom or the fabric.  I think as long as you are watching you baby and are conscious of him breathing, it should be okay to use.  I think it’d also be nice for breastfeeding as it sort of holds him in the correct position and also works as a nursing cover.  We’ll see if we keep this…

I’m really in love with the smiles and talking this week!

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