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Through November 15th, Pacific Catch is having a Taste of Singapore prix fixe menu for $27. Patrick arranged our supposed to be Q2monthly (now more like Q6month) dinner with Shirley for tonight. In a previous post I talked about how I was craving laksa so was very excited to hear it was part of their menu for tonight.

Free snacks included edamame and pretzel goldfish.

Since Patrick belongs to their mailing list, this month they offered a free shrimp ceviche appetizer with chips with any entree purchase. Thank goodness the shrimp were cooked so I could eat them but the rest of the ceviche was a bit tangy for me, just a tad too much lime, but yummy avocado.

The appetizer choice for the prix fixe was either the curry laksa or the Singaporean black pepper shrimp. I ordered the laksa and was a bit disappointed as it just wasn’t the same as the one I used to order at staff canteen at NUH (Singapore) for lunch. The chili (in the small bowl on the left) was nice and spicy and gave it a bit more of a kick but the noodle were thin versus the thicker noodles I was used to eating in Singapore.

Patrick ordered the black pepper shrimp and this was actually pretty good, very peppery like it should be but it would have been more traditional as crab. I only had a few pieces.

The main course was a salmon rendang served over rice. I was already kind of full by the time we got to the main course so couldn’t eat much. From what I could taste, the sauce and vegetables were flavorful and full of spices but the salmon a bit dry and the rice very bland (not enough sauce). I packed about half for lunch tomorrow.

Last but not least, dessert of coconut custard served with stir fried tropical fruit and banana tuille. The custard was more like a pudding but the tropical fruits were yummy, I think pineapples and papaya. The banana tuille tasted really like banana bread and I thought it was supposed to be crunchy but ended up kind of chewy and stuck to your teeth (a bit strange). Even though I couldn’t eat my salmon, I was able to finish an entire dessert (and Patrick & Shirley left me one for myself, probably because I am the pregnant lady).

It was good to catch up with friends over a good meal but now I am really craving to go to Singapore for some more authentic food…

Check out the website for Pacific Catch to see their next regional cuisine menus.

Pacific Catch
1200 9th Avenue at Lincoln

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