Pacifica Pier

So one of our friends has been telling us about crabbing off of Pacifica Pier so he planned a trip this weekend and we decided to check it out. We went out there at 10:30pm expecting high tide at 1:30am where the catch would be better.

He brought all the equipment we needed while we just brought some snacks. The crab net has two hoops with netting and then a really long rope. They zip tied some raw turkey necks to the bottom of the net to attract the crabs.

You throw the net in like a big frisbee:

Then you wait…

Something to ponder while we waited…

Our first catch was an inch wide crab which we had to throw back.

It was cold and windy. The waves were crashing hard against the pier. At times the pier shook like we were in the middle of an earthquake. But in the picture, it looks so peaceful.

Luckily our friend had a portable heater which some of us crowded around for warmth.

Another catch was this 3-4″ crab missing one claw. Apparently you have to throw back crabs with only one claw and if they’re smaller than about 5″.

The last catch was another small 1″ crab which had to go back. Ron got a free crabbing net out of it though. Another group had called it quits because their net got caught around one of the pillars. After the waves crashed around it and Ron playing with the rope, it got free with the little crab on it.

We called it quits at 4:30am as the water wasn’t calming down and we weren’t having much luck. We got back around 5am and went right to sleep.

My sleep schedule is a bit out of wack now. We just came back from a shopping spree at Costco and now we’re all stocked again with food.

Plus I got myself some more Philz Coffee. I bought a 1/2 lb of their Jacob’s Wonderbar Brew and a 1/2 lb of their new dark roast Red Sea. Can’t wait to try it out… guess it’ll be tomorrow for work…

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