Day After Thanksgiving Shopping

So I wasn’t brave enough to do the full Black Friday shopping after our experience two years ago. We went with Ron’s family to the Gilroy Outlets at midnight and waited in line outside in the cold to get into Banana Republic. The whole outlet mall was packed and it was very hard to find parking. We weren’t dressed warmly enough and we weren’t expecting as many people as there were. Just not an overall good shopping experience.

So instead I just went to Mervyn’s nearby our apartment to check out their going out of business sale. I was lucky as there was still plenty of parking but it was a bit sad going through the store and seeing everything was 50% off and that their last day will be December 23rd, they won’t even make it through Christmas. If you’re looking for extremely cheap items, I would say they’re not quite there yet but if you’re looking for items at a reasonable price and good selection then it’s still a good time to shop.

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