Partners’ Farewell Dinner at PS Cafe

It’s almost the end of Period 3 of Ron’s school and this is the time when quite a few people will migrate to the Fontainbleu campus. So the girls decided it would be a good idea to have a farewell dinner. The wonderful dinner was planned by Sofia. She reserved a large table for all of us girls at PS Cafe near Dempsey Road. PS stands for “Project Shop”.

I ordered the Roast Leg of Lamb: Australian Lamb rolled with mushroom duxelle on roasted potato, pumpkin and parsnip with Syrian fig jam and gravy.

After that I still had dessert of ginger pudding with Earl Grey creme anglaise. Oh, this was yummy! I really loved the Earl Grey creme.

But next time I’m going to try their cakes:

I think we all had a good time and it gave us a chance to catch up a bit before we separate.

We’re having fun now 🙂

We headed over to Cafe Del Mar on Sentosa to celebrate Gladys’ birthday. It’s a pretty chill place and it was quite nice to have a glass of champagne and spend the evening among friends.

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