Pepper Lunch and JUMBO Seafood

Today I had a half day off and I had no idea why. Actually I think it’s because I will work this coming Sunday so to make up for it, they give us a half day since they don’t pay us more.

I met up with Ron for lunch at Pepper Lunch at the Choa Chu Kang mall called Lot One. I saw this place the last time we ate at the food court and it looked pretty interesting. It’s a curry beef hot plate.

The meat was a bit dry and it needed a bit of some type of sauce.

Ron ordered a typical Taiwanese meal of stinky fried tofu, pork over rice with a tea egg, and pickled vegetables.

In the evening, we met up with an old classmate of Ron’s dad. He originally picked us up at the airport when we arrived last year and unfortunately we haven’t had time to meet up in all the time we’ve been here. Now that we’re leaving, they kindly wanted to send us off with a good Singaporean seafood dinner at the famous JUMBO seafood on the East Coast. It’s right on the water.

We had steamed oysters with garlic.

Cereal prawns.

Black pepper crab.

Chili crab.

We had a terrific and tasty dinner thanks to the Chang family!

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