Pharmacist’s Pledge Affirmation Ceremony

This evening the Singapore Pharmacy Board held their inaugural Pharmacist’s Pledge Affirmation Ceremony. They invited all the 2008 newly registered pharmacists to take the pledge and sign the official register. Plus they invited many of Singapore’s influential pharmacists to also take the pledge.

It was a bit like a graduation ceremony since we walked across the stage and collected a scroll. The Minister For Health was the guest of honor who presented each of us with our scrolls (actually empty containers, the real scrolls we collected later). It was also very similar to the Oath of a Pharmacist that we take during our first year of pharmacy school in the US and we also repeat it at graduation.

Here is Joyce and I with our red scrolls. Matches my blouse and shoes, eh? 🙂

Here we are taking a photo opportunity with the Chief Pharmacist.

Afterwards we had a dinner reception and snacked a bit before going to have an actual dinner. On the recommendation of one of the other pharmacists, we headed to a restaurant near Outram Rd and Tiong Bahru, it was called Ting Heng Seafood Restaurant (Blk 82, Tiong Poh Rd, #01-03, opening hours are 5PM to 4AM). They have a small indoor air conditioned area and many tables outdoors. We had Alex’s favorite type of food… steamboat.

Alex worked his mastery of steamboat for us, taking charge and cooking and serving for us, also showing us the correct way to cool down a freshly boiled shrimp (hold it by the tentacles! haha…).

I found this interesting, it’s a fresh fish nicely sliced…

It’s been a long day, it’s good to be home with a full stomach.

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