In today’s paper and dinner at Pho House Suntec City

I found out that the Pharmacist’s Pledge Affirmation Ceremony was in the paper today. My boss was quoted and I’m actually in the picture they used (although I’m very hard to see).

If you can’t see above, you can check out the whole story on TODAYonline. The Ministry of Health is investing a large sum of money to further the profession of pharmacy in Singapore. It’s a very promising first step to have pharmacists play a bigger role than they are currently allowed to do.

This evening was a colleagues wedding dinner so many of the ladies were dressed up already for the evening. I just happened to be wearing a dress although not attending the dinner.

Today was the quietest day at work. Although we didn’t leave early, at least we weren’t working up until the last minute.

Ron headed to Friday Foody at Pho House at Suntec City. It’s in Tower One on the 3rd level, next to Swiss Culture.

They offer a set meal for $13 that includes an appetizer, a main, and a beverage. They call it a 3-course meal but I don’t think a beverage really counts… but it was still a good deal considering each main dish is already at least $9. Ron and I felt kind of bad because we kind of crashed the dinner since we didn’t RSVP but to note, the restaurant is quite small so couldn’t have easily accommodated the original reservation for 20 pax. They tried the best they could but the service did suffer a little bit.

For appetizer, I ordered the shrimp salad roll that was served with peanut satay-like sauce and sweet and spicy fish sauce. This is hard to go wrong.

Ron ordered the lemongrass chicken wings (add an extra $2 to the set meal price) which didn’t have much lemongrass flavor and the chili they provided didn’t really go well with the chicken.

For the main course I ordered the vermicelli with grilled pork and egg rolls, known to me as “bun thit nuong”. It’s a bit different than I’m used to but then I don’t know which is authentic. In the US, the vegetables are more shredded, the carrots are usually pickled a bit, and the grilled pork is a flattened pork chop that is grilled then sliced. For this dish, the lettuce was very roughly sliced only so a bit hard to eat. The carrots were okay as they were thinly sliced and sweet. The pork was a bit strange as they were more like oval shaped thinly sliced pork pieces so a bit harder to eat, also a bit tough. But was still pretty nice as there were lots of bean sprouts and the noodles were nicely separated and not sticking together.

Ron ordered some pork spareribs with rice dish but they didn’t look like spareribs when it came out, more than shredded pork. It sort of tasted like Korean bulgogi except it was pork instead of beef. It was also served with some sort of shredded chicken salad.

It was a rather light dinner but I guess that’s good after all the steamboat I ate last night. I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep and sleeping in tomorrow. I’m working my first Sunday this weekend but I’m going to try to enjoy my Saturday.

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