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Tonight I went out with Vicki and Joyce for dinner. We hadn’t had the chance to catch up before the holidays so this was our chance. I found Poleng Lounge on Opentable and it seemed to have good reviews and it was easy to make a reservation.

The restaurant was pretty empty at 6:30pm but then that is pretty early to have dinner. It seems like they have music in the evenings and a pretty mellow atmosphere.

We ordered some yummy appetizers, roasted edamame, roti, and sweet potato fries with banana catsup. The edamame was salty and smoked, yum. The roti was nice a hot but the accompanying curry was a bit cold. The sweet potato fries were delicious and the catsup was unique.

We ordered the shaking beef. The beef chunks were a good size and the dipping sauce complimented the meat well.

The garlic lobster noodles were a bit greasy but very yummy. The noodles a bit chewy and lots of garlic. Don’t order this on a date!

They have delicious cocktails too! I’m sure you’d be happy with whichever one you order.

We had a bit room left for dessert (probably I had more room than Vicki and Joyce…) and ordered the bread pudding.

One of the best bread puddings I’ve had. There was a slight burnt crust on the bottom because of carmelization and the rest was moist and delicious. It was served with a taro (I think) tapioca with a bit of black sesame seeds. That was really yummy.

I’d like to go back again on a weekend and see what the night scene is like… it’s pretty close to where we live so I think this may be a nice place to frequent. Here we can have the cuisine we miss from Singapore.

Poleng Lounge
1751 Fulton Ave @ Masonic

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