Practicing Writing

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Iris’ best smiles are in the morning. This is how she can get away with waking up so early.

But she has some pretty good smiles during the daytime too. You can see her two front teeth here.

In order for her to get into crawling position, Iris almost does the splits.

Simon and Ron checked out the park nearest to us which has a tot area, an older kids area, and a baseball field. The tot area is fenced in and has a bunch of random toys. Simon seemed to enjoy himself.

After a day of play, Simon did some “work” in the evening. He practiced writing his name multiple times.

Then also practiced letters “A” through “G”.

I’m just a little bit impressed since I don’t know where he picked up writing from. They don’t teach writing in school yet since they are focused on speech but he seems to enjoy writing except when he gets a little frustrated with more difficult letters. Not sure if you can see that he writes the letter “E” with many horizontal lines so he’s definitely still learning.

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