Rainy Easter Sunday

Day 33

Days with Simon seem to go by so fast. When it’s 12 o’clock, I always wonder where the morning went. Simon was a little troublemaker this morning though, he didn’t want to go back to sleep… or actually I should say, he couldn’t go back to sleep because he was overly tired. He didn’t sleep from 2am to 5am because he was up fussing and cried each time Ron tried to put him down to sleep. He was fed, clean, and burped but just couldn’t get himself to fall asleep. He just really wanted to be comforted and held before falling asleep. Ron stayed up with him and sent me back to bed since I was really exhausted, probably because I did not have an afternoon nap.

Although Simon was fine during the rest of the day and slept well and ate well. We took him out to visit Susan and Ken since they were having a small get together at their apartment. He almost always falls asleep in the car seat. His head seems to finally fit into the head rest.

He fell asleep in my arms when we got home, look at his chubby arm. Don’t you just want to pinch it?

We bought Simon a mobile made by Fisher Price for his playpen. Ron had to cut a hole in the fabric on the side of the playpen in order to attach the mobile since the adapter is meant for a crib that has wooden slats.

When he is awake, he seems to enjoy looking at the projector lights and turning mobile and when sleeping, the heartbeat sounds seems to help him to keep calm and stay asleep.

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