Troubled sleep

Day 34

Simon had trouble napping today. His naps would only last 30-60 minutes then he would wake up and be fussy, wanting to eat, to burp, to have his diaper changed, or entertained. On days like these I’m afraid that I won’t be produce enough milk for him but thank goodness I already have a whole bunch stored away in the freezer that we can defrost.

Simon did not enjoy lying on his back so I sat him up leaning against my abdomen and sitting on my thighs.

We finally broke down and bought a baby monitor and so far it has been great. There are so many out there that it was hard to pick one but the MobiCam Digital Wireless Monitor seemed to have the best reviews and didn’t cost an arm and a leg ($160 at I guess being new parents, we are still a bit nervous so want to be able to see Simon while he is sleeping in his bassinet. The picture is pretty clear during day and night. The sound can be a bit screeching at times but it catches your attention.

Since he had troubled sleep most of the day, he was basically taking cat naps wherever he could. In the following instance, he didn’t want to lay on my chest so kind of crawled his way to my belly and burrowed his face into his own hand to sleep. I was afraid he couldn’t breathe but I guess that’s why he propped up his face with his fist.

Here’s Maxwell checking out Simon sleeping on my tummy. Maxwell will be 12 years old soon. One of the great things about being a cat is that you can’t tell their age by looking at them.

Ron is exercising Simon’s legs, back, and neck. Ron is convinced we can have Simon walking sooner rather than later.

I don’t want him walking around too fast, we’re not ready to childproof the apartment yet and I’m not sure we could keep up with him!

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