Red Velvet Cupcakes (made to look like eyeballs!)

We had a Halloween pot luck at work so I wanted to make something appropriate for the occasion. I just saw a repeat of the cupcakes episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay where they make red velvet cupcakes. I didn’t realize they had the actual recipe on the Food Network’s website so instead went to Martha Stewart for her red velvet cupcake recipe.

Then from Epicurious, I followed their directions for decorating Eyeball Cupcakes. I used store bought cream cheese frosting and red icing. The tip on the icing can was a bit thick so it didn’t quite come out the same. Gummi savers with chocolate chips are the irises.

The entire platter:

A close-up of two eyes:

It’s best to use the paper cupcake liners as I made some in silicone molds without them and they stuck and the cupcakes broke in half. The cupcake is so moist that it breaks apart easily.

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