Teatro Zinzanni

Ron and I had a fabulous time at Teatro Zinzanni. A generous donor gave our workplace some free tickets and I happened to be one of the winners for the raffle. The vouchers had to be used before the end of October so we finally found an evening free to go.

We were lucky to find street parking and paid 4 hours at one of the meters, it was only about $3.50 versus the $15 for the parking lot next to the the show. We arrived a bit before 6:30pm and the doors were already open (they open at 6pm) and there were lots of people inside the tent already starting on drinks. We went to the maitre d’ to redeem our vouchers for our table number, #14.

While we were waiting, we had a drink and took a quick scan of the boutique. While at the boutique, a lady came to offer us face painting so Ron agreed to pay for it for me ($10). I was amazed she was so quick, it took less than 10 minutes as I stood there and all I asked her to do was match my outfit. After she finished, we made our way inside to be lead to our seats. We weren’t supposed to take pictures inside but Ron took this one before the show started. I’m a bit tired from the long day at work.

Since we weren’t allowed to take photos inside, I can summarize by saying the show was fabulous and worth the visit. The five-course meal was tasty, although served a little slow as each course was part of the act. The acts included singing, dancing, juggling, trapeze, acting, audience participation, and more. It was really hilarious and Ron and I were busting up laughing during most parts of the show. We’d love to go again sometime, especially with a big group of friends.

At the end of the show, we headed back out to the lobby and I felt like having “Tsarbucks” (part of the show)…

Outside the tents:

Presenting “Under the Gypsy Moon”, showing until January 2010:

At the boutique, I bought myself a cute headband to wear to work tomorrow. I’m going to see if I can save my face painting until tomorrow so am sleeping on my right side. Here’s a close-up before it gets smeared…

I feel very lucky to have won those tickets or else who knows when we would have gone. We’ve driven by it so many times but just never found the time to buy tickets to see it. I hope to send the donor a well-deserved thank you for giving us all such a generous gift.

Teatro Zinzanni
Pier 29

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