Restaurant Cassis

I had dinner with Shirley and Patrick tonight at Restaurant Cassis, a restaurant only about 3 blocks away from where I work. We thought we’d try this place since they have a three-course prix fixe menu for $25 so sounded like a good deal. They offer the prix fixe menu Sun thru Thurs 5:30-7pm (closed Mon).

Parking is pretty easy around the area, mostly street parking unless you want to park farther away at any of the lots around the area (which are expensive!).

The staff was very attentive upon my arrival. The restaurant seemed quite spacious and there were maybe four other sets of diners. It was weird though, when they were going to seat us, they wanted to stick us between two couples at this table near the window when there was a perfectly nice round table for three in the middle of the room. We chose the round table.

They brought us an amuse-bouche (free food is always a plus) of toast with salmon cream cheese.

You can see their prix fixe menu updated online. The appetizers did not sound all that appetizing unless you wanted to pay a few extra dollars for an “upgrade”. We did not so Shirley and Pat chose the soup of the day: mushroom soup and I had the gazpacho.

I’m not sure the last time I had gazpacho but I didn’t really enjoy the texture, it was a little “grainy” for me, like it wasn’t blended enough or something. I drank every last bit though since I still liked the flavor.

For the entree, I had the mussels served with fries. This dish is very deceiving in that Patrick thought he’d still be hungry after only fries and mussels so he ordered a large side of spinach. As he was eating though, he already started to be full since he ate all the fries and kept on soaking up the soup with bread. Yummy stuff.

For dessert, I had the frozen grand marnier souffle with orange zest. Very creamy and I loved the whipped cream. The orange zest was a bit weird for me though, too strong.

Shirley had the berry crisp which didn’t have enough berries, just a lot of cream and deep fried pastry. Patrick had the floating dessert which tasted like those marshmallow Peeps!

Overall, it was a dinner worth the $25 but we all agree, if we go there again, we’d likely order from the regular menu instead. It was good to catch up with Patrick and Shirley and I hope we can do it again soon.

Restaurant Cassis
2101 Sutter Street

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