Ringing in 2011

Day 305 = January 1, 2011

About 10 minutes before midnight, Simon woke up. There were some loud noises outside that probably startled him awake so we figured we would take him out of bed for a few minutes to ring in the new year. He still looks kind of drowsy.

We hope you were with your loved ones to celebrate the beginning of the new year!

Simon has been learning to point so we’ve been trying to teach him the famous ET finger-to-finger touch. He’s not quite doing it here but I’m sure he’ll get it soon.

Check out Simon’s cute chubby toes!

Out having lunch. It was a very chilly day so we bundled him up extra snug and warm.


Simon has yet to get the hang of using a sippy cup. He’s more distracted with playing with the tether right now.

Welcome 2011!

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