River Hongbao at Esplanade Park

We spent the day relaxing at home but started feeling antsy in the evening and decided to go find some dinner. Since it’s Chinese New Year today, most shops and restaurants are closed but there was a festival of sorts going on at Esplanade Park called “River Hongbao”. It’s a yearly evening during the two weeks of Chinese New Year. They were to have fireworks tonight so we decided we’d try to go check it out and find ourselves some dinner.

Upon arriving to Esplanade Park, we could already smell our dinner… Taiwanese stinky tofu! You could really smell it as you excited the MRT station. The taste was not bad but not quite the same as Taiwan. But as close as you could get. We stayed to watch the fireworks which were quite small in scale but I guess since they had it planned every night for 4 nights, it couldn’t be too spectacular or else it’d be really expensive.

We ended up eating some Taiwanese sausage, Taiwanese chicken chop, ice cream, takoyaki… sounds like a lot of junk food, huh? It was good 😛

It was super crowded though so after an hour or so, we got tired of having to push through the crowd and decided to come home.

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