Roadside BBQ

We actually live quite close to Roadside BBQ but haven’t had a chance to try it until tonight. Their pulled-pork sandwich is on the
The Big Eat SF: 100 Things to Try Before You Die

So surprising, we found a parking space about four cars up the street from the corner where the restaurant is. Upon entering, the man at the counter was really friendly and made some suggestions for things to try since it was our first time there. Of course we ordered the pulled pork sandwich along with the 2-way combo.

We paid then sat down to wait and we were surprised with a complimentary slice of banana cream pie. It was topped with shredded coconut, creamy, and the chocolate in between the cream and crust was yummy and kept the crust crunchy. That was nice of them but we’re not sure why they were so nice…

They have a small selection of beers so we tried this one, brewed with orange & lemon peels and honey! Light and crisp.

The two-way combo (baby back ribs and beef brisket) for $14.95 served with two sides (mac & cheese and sweet potato fries) and a cornbread muffin. The sweet potato fries were really yummy. Mac & cheese had a nice crunchy top. The meat overall was a bit dry but their sauces helped moisten the meat. The cornbread had yummy corn kernels in it.

The sauces available:
1. ketchup
2. mustard
3. Asian ginger BBQ sauce (couldn’t figure out what this would go well with, maybe chicken?)
4. hot BBQ sauce
5. mild/regular BBQ sauce

Pulled-pork sandwich with 1 side (grilled vegetables) for $7.95. The bread was really good, kept the sandwich together with a toasted outside and soft inside. They also had South Carolina vinegar to top the pulled pork to give the sandwich that something extra. It was pretty good considering the meat was pretty tender (very like kalua pork in Hawaii). I liked the grilled veggies too.

The bottle of vinegar to the left:

We were very stuffed. We’ll likely go back since it is close by to where we live. We’d like to try some other things on the menu just to see what it’s like since the ribs and beef were a bit dry near the end of their day, wondering if it is more moist during the daytime.

One more check for the list.

Roadside BBQ
3571 Geary Blvd (at 2nd Ave)

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