Domino’s Pizza

Too tired to go out or to cook so we ordered pizza. Been eating badly since we’ve come back from Hawaii… need to stock the refrigerator.

We ordered Domino’s large Philly Cheese Steak American Legends pizza along with the Chicken Carbonara Breadbowl Pasta.

This is the pizza with the Brooklyn crust, thin but chewy. Pizza was very creamy.

The pasta breadbowl. Also very creamy… a bit of a strange concept but would be good with a tomato sauce for the bread bowl.

Domino’s has this Facebook pizza delivery tracker app which says your order will arrive in 30 minutes. Not the case. After 45 minutes had passed without our pizza, we called and the customer service said “the 30 minutes is only an estimate”… so where the heck is our pizza? It happened to be delivered 10 minutes after that. What a useless Facebook app.

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