Roseola Rash

Day 257

Simon still hasn’t been acting completely like his normal self. He’s been more fussy than usual, a little bit warm, and eating less. This morning we had to remove all his clothes for him to fall asleep for his morning nap.

Although after his nap, he was refreshed so we went for a walk around downtown. We stopped at the Coach store because I had a coupon and while we waited, I had to entertain him in the mirror. It took them over 25 minutes to find and bring me my item (after I already purchased it). The employees were more focused on those customers who were paying cash (tourists from Taiwan or China) and customers who seemed like they were going to spend more money than me. I was a bit annoyed but I already paid so all I could do was wait. Finally, one lady decided to help me since I complained that I had already been waiting 20 minutes. Anyways, at least Simon was very patient while we waited. Maybe if he made more of a ruckus, we wouldn’t have had to wait so long…

We had a little snack while sitting in Union Square. We watched as they were putting up the Christmas tree. We are eating freeze dried Fuji apples.

As we got Simon reading for bedtime, we noticed he had an all over body rash. Since he had been sick, we had been reading up on things so weren’t super alarmed but it still is a shock to see Simon with a rash all over his body. Apparently it is common after a viral infection. Lots of pink bumps all over his trunk, especially on his round little belly. Doesn’t seem to be itchy or anything.

But it may make him a little uncomfortable since he didn’t care to wear clothes. We put on at least this thin T-shirt so he wouldn’t be cold but putting that on was also a bit of a struggle.

I hope this means he is well on his way to recovery.

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