Out with mommy

Day 256

Simon and I had a busy day today. First we started with Gymboree at 12pm. Unfortunately Simon only had a short nap before class so he was kind of cranky and tired during class. Next week, I’ll have to try harder for him to take at least an hour nap before class so he can have fun at class. After class, we went next door to Noah’s bagels so I could get a cup of coffee and feed both of us lunch. Simon had some Gerber lasagne and some whole wheat bagel. Now I know he also likes bagels. Then we headed to Colma/Daly City for some shopping at BabiesRUs, Carter’s, Target, Daiso, Ross, and Trader Joe’s. We didn’t get home until almost 7pm. Simon almost slept the last 2 hours before we got home since he didn’t nap well earlier in the day. I was surprised that he slept through the bumpy ride in the shopping cart. Simon was really good while mommy got some retail therapy.

Simon really likes our phones. I wonder if that will turn out to be a bad thing?

He especially likes our laptops and will almost leap from our arms to try to reach for the keyboard. Silly baby.

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