Monday, May 5, 2014

Simon’s lunch of mini corn dogs, carrots, cheese, mango, and probiotic drink.

Simon’s class has started a unit on living and non-living things. Apparently they had been incubating eggs and just this past weekend, some of the chicks hatched. They were brought to school this morning for the kids to observe.

A few weeks back, he had a field trip to Spiral Gardens and they planted some beans. The plant finally started to grow last week and it’s getting bigger each day.

After school, we decided to do some bubble blowing in the front yard. Simon was super happy.

Until the bubbles kept on popping as he was blowing. So I showed him he had to be more “gentle” and “slow” with his breathing in order to blow larger bubbles.

Little Iris has been feeling warm all weekend. I measured her once at 103F and gave her some acetaminophen since she couldn’t sleep that night. But surprisingly, she was still in a good mood and eating and drinking well so she didn’t seem sick.

Then today while changing her diaper, I noticed little red spots all over her trunk. Classic sign of roseola. A few days of high fevers then sudden full body rash. Just like Simon had when he was a baby.

At least now I know she’s recovering. High fevers can be scary but she knew she needed fluids so constantly asked to nurse at night and drank additional water throughout the day.

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