Super Fun Birthday Party

Sunday, May 4, 2014

So we attended a super fun birthday party today which Simon said was the “bestest” party. It was in Fairfield for our friends’ girls who are/were turning 6 years old. Daddy didn’t join us because he was helping Grandpa Tam set up his salt water fish tank. Before we left, Simon helped Daddy with cleaning some sand.

Simon was a little shy at the beginning of the party since he didn’t know the kids there but started warming up as the entertainment and food fun started. First the snow cone truck came and he got his favorite flavor: watermelon.


Iris got to wear Simon’s lei that came with the snow cone. Funny little smirk she has.

She was a little tired.

Then the face painter came and Simon was really excited for a full face butterfly. He describes that he wants red but also a rainbow.

She starts painting.

He’s waiting for the reveal.

Big smile!

Front view.

Then he decides he is ready to play inside the jumper and play on the bouncy slide.

Then it was time for cake. Simon wanted to touch it. He liked the black and white stripes like a zebra.

Then it was ice cream time and they had an ice cream cart with a large selection of cones and toppings. Simon got oreo cookie and topped with M&Ms and gummy bears. He waited semi-patiently in line. The kids were too excited though and a bit pushy and shoving each other.

After ice cream, it was time to head home. Both kids fast asleep.

Then Daddy came home to let Mommy rest after a full afternoon with both kids.

Iris, the messy water drinker. Her onesie is all soaked. The onesie says “I drink until I pass out”.

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