Rough Day at School

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Saying goodbye to sleeping Iris this morning. She woke up at 6am, had milk, and slept until I left for work.

I had an okay day at work but Simon had a difficult day at school. I got to leave a little early so was early picking up Simon. Sadly, I found him crying, sitting by himself, away from the teacher and other kids. He was saying, “I want my mommy”. I was a little disappointed in the way the teacher addressed me when I entered the classroom. She said something like, “he just keeps crying and won’t stop. I don’t know why.” It is the first week of school, I would think they would understand that some kids will have a rough start. She just seemed annoyed with Simon. I hope they haven’t “dismissed” him and still give him a chance to charm them. I found out from the another teacher that he did not take his nap so he fell asleep in the car ride home. He needs one of those wraparound neck pillows!

When we got home, I checked his lunch bag and he hardly ate anything. Only the fruit and the baby bel cheese. This was the full box this morning.

Iris waiting for us to come home with her smiley face.

Simon likes his old Bumbo seat. Maybe he’s wishing he was a baby again so he won’t have to go to school.

*sigh* I hope tomorrow will be a better day for Simon. It’s hard to see him so unhappy. He was like this with summer day camp but I think with the longer hours, it’s harder for him to adjust.

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