Simon’s First Day and Back to Work

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Busy busy busy… Still trying to catch up.

Tuesday, September 3:
Our little guy’s first day of preschool. All packed and ready to go.

I’m trying to pack him cute lunches everyday. Here’s his first one, a dinosaur ham and cheese sandwich with veggies. He only ended up eating the Dino chocolate eye (not the sandwich), a few vegetables, and the fruit I packed. He was probably anxious the first day so I hope tomorrow he will eat better.

I wish I didn’t need to go either! Iris yanking on my hair.

Simon getting acquainted with his school toys and classmates. Although he had a bit of a rough first day with crying and playing by himself only. He probably just needs some time to warm up to the other kids and his teachers.

We all survived the first day back and relaxed in front of the TV with dinner and a movie.

Both kids sleeping in similar positions.


Wednesday, September 4:

Lunch Day 2 of chicken and cheese quesadilla with bunny cheese cut outs and veggies.

Iris desperately sucking on her hands this morning. We all woke up too early I think so she was probably tired.

Today Simon had a better appetite and ate all of his quesadilla for lunch. He seems to like tortilla skins. Ron put this one in the oven and it really puffed up! Simon loved it.

Silly Simon sitting in his old Bumbo.

I love kissing these cheeks when I get home.

I hope I will be able to provide breast milk for Iris for at least a year but its pretty challenging to pump while at work. When I worked at UCSF, there were multiple pharmacists so one could relieve me while I took a break. Now there is only me so I have to find a “slow” time to get away for a few minutes so as not to irritate or inconvenience patients and their families who are waiting. So far I’m still doing okay with the production but also luckily, I have a good freezer reserve.

I’m glad this is a shorter week so we all can have some rest, sooner rather than later. We are still trying to figure out our routine. Right now we are a bit disjointed and inefficient. Lots of adjustment but it will all be for the better.

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