Sam Won Korean BBQ Restaurant Oakland

We went out to Oakland to visit with my dad and had lunch together at one of our favorite Korean BBQ Restaurants. This is one of the places where we were first introduced to the concept of Korean BBQ and where we had our first learning lesson of not wearing your best clothes to have Korean BBQ.

We got there about 1pm for lunch and there were only a few other tables occupied. During evenings, you would usually have to wait for a while to get seated. I’m guessing it was quiet since it is Saturday and there are less businesses open.

I really like their side dishes, as you can see my dad is already digging in.
(From top left to right: tofu, broccoli, spicy cucumber, kimchi AND
bottom left to right: eggplant-one of my favorites, black beans, spicy radish, and octopus)

The octopus was a new one to us, simple with spicy sauce drizzled on top.

We didn’t do the BBQ thing today but I wanted to try something I haven’t had yet so I ordered the kimchi tofu rice cake stir fry. It was a bit too sour for me and I wished it had more rice cakes. It has plenty of fatty bacon though so if you like that, this is the way to go.

Ron ordered the stone bowl bibimbap which came out sizzling hot and continued to sizzle through the whole meal. He had to keep on stirring it around to aerate it to cool it down. I love all the vegetables in bibimbap… makes you think you’re eating something healthy!

We have leftovers, enough for another full meal 😛

We went to the Korean supermarket, Koreana Plaza, to stock up on Korean foods… we’re going to have a yummy week!

Sam Won
2600 Telegraph Ave
(b/w 26th and 27th St.)
Oakland, CA

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