Sushi Raw San Bruno

We attempted to go have dinner with Ron’s parents tonight since we hadn’t seen them for a few weeks but unfortunately, they already ate so we went to find our own dinner before visiting with them.

We ended up in San Bruno and stopped at Sushi Raw. The restaurant itself looks like a converted Jack-in-the-Box or other fast food joint since it had a drive-through window still installed.

The place only has about 10-12 tables but also has a sushi bar. The tables had cute bowls for soy sauce/chopstick rest.

We ordered something called the Island Roll which has hamachi, salmon, and tuna wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber. It was $13.95 which was a bit expensive but likely because it contained so much fresh fish. There was a tangy sauce but we still requested for wasabi because their sauce didn’t quite do it.

We tried their tako sunomono which is an octopus salad. The restaurant that makes my favorite tako sunomono is in Stockton because they make it spicy… haven’t been able to find it since. The toasted sesame seeds were a nice touch but still not exactly what I wanted. This was $6.95.

Lastly we ordered the special bento box where you get your choice of 3 items. We chose the tonkatsu, chicken teriyaki, and spicy tuna roll. The bento is served with miso soup and salad. The miso soup was good because they added those white long mushrooms. The rest of the bento was good but not spectacular but had a nice presentation, I liked the plates. This was $13.95.

Now upon coming home and looking online, apparently you can place your order online and they can deliver! Too bad we don’t live down there. One other thing to mention, their wasabi was good, nice and spicy, it hits you in the nose when you least expect it.

Sushi Raw
1789 El Camino Real
San Bruno, CA 94066

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