Samy’s Curry and Oosh

So this morning was not that exciting… Ron didn’t have class until 2pm so we headed to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority to pick up his student pass and so I could apply for my long-term social visit pass (LTSVP). These documents allow us to stay in Singapore past the 30 days allowed when first entering the country. It’s a very interesting “queueing system” (called this instead of “waiting in line”) but seems to be very efficient. There are several kiosks for each specific task: collection of passes, student passes, social visit passes, etc. You scan your disembarkation card or your previous visit’s queue number and you are issued a “Q-no.” The numbers are lit on multiple screens and you don’t even have to wait there, you can request an SMS (text) message on your cell phone to inform you when there are less than 5 numbers in front of yours. We just ended up waiting and the processing from the officer was quick. We just needed to make some copies and I can go pick up my stuff on Monday.

For the evening, one of the students had put together a “Foodies” night and we were headed to Samy’s Curry. We didn’t know how to order so we just ordered the beers and had the event planner order for the crowd.

This is Chicken Tikka, crunchy shell served with fried basil:

This is some fried cauliflower, made delicious by the spices and breading:

The prawn (1 per person):

Dried mutton (lamb):

More chicken:

The famous fish head curry (yum!):

Everything together served on a banana leaf plus veggies:

Ron happily full of food and drink:

The dinner was excellent and very tasty. The staff kept on refilling our beer glasses and coming by to give us extra rice and sides. The fish curry was steaming hot and as delicious as everyone says it is… the fish cheek meat is especially tender. All this only cost S$26 per person, not a bad deal for all that food.

An especially friendly cat was at the front door when we were leaving (I Miss my kities!):

We headed across the street to a pretty swanky bar where no pictures were allowed inside.

It was a beautiful place to lounge around. It is a huge place with lots of outdoor venues/patios but also with indoor seating for food. It really felt like a tropical island and the weather was perfect tonight with a slight breeze and clear skies. Not to forget to mention that the drinks were yummy (although on the more pricey side, S$15 per drink).

The parking lot was full of expensive cars: Mercedes, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, etc. I wonder who these people are?

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