San Francisco

Today I visited lovely San Francisco and shared yummy meals with my friends. It was good to catch up but I wish we could have had more time…

I went to lunch with my friends Al and Jen. Since they both work at Kaiser SF, we went to a nearby restaurant called Zazang Korean Noodle. They both said their jajangmyun is good (a black bean onion pork sauce over noodles) and I wish I had listened and ordered that instead of the spicy seafood noodles. The noodles and seafood were a bit overcooked for my taste. But I tried not to waste all the expensive seafood and picked it out, leaving the noodles.

My friend Jen ordered the jajangmyun so I got to try some. It was pretty good, not to salty like it sometimes can be.

Since they both had to get to work, I went to find some way to entertain myself until my evening dinner date with my friend Tiffany. I had parked in the parking lot near Divisadero so decided to drop by my former workplace UCSF Mt. Zion Hospital and got to see a few of my friends and catch up.

I stayed a bit longer than intended and ended up paying $16 for parking! I’d forgotten how expensive SF parking can be.

I made my way to San Francisco Shopping Center since I didn’t get to visit the Sanrio store the last time I was there because it was already closed. I browsed to my heart’s content and also got myself a few things. I was tempted to buy this for my friend who is learning guitar and loves all things pink! But resisted since it was $230…

I wandered around the rest of the mall as well enjoying the familiarity of the shopping experience before heading out to meet my friend Tiff for dinner.

I wanted to go eat at San Tung Chinese Restaurant for their fabulous dried fried chicken. It’s something I only learned about in the last few years since working at UCSF. The sauce is sweet and delicious. I recommend the wings over the diced though since the diced tends to be more flour than chicken but it’s still good.

We also had the pork dumplings which were only okay for me.

The dried fried green beans is one of my favorites as well since they used the preserved vegetables to stir fry so it has this nice salty sour taste. Plus I think they use a lot of garlic.

Funny enough we also had jajang noodles but they are a bit different than the Korean one from lunch. For starters, it had fresh cucumbers, mushrooms, and seafood in it. I didn’t really like the noodles either, a bit thick. It’s sort of a Chinese version.

Here’s the dried fried chicken, diced. Look at all those yummy bite sized morsels!

I had a really nice fulfilling day…

Poor Ron is out attending his course during the days so I don’t see him at all. We may not see each other until Friday, that’s the only sad part, we’re not able to enjoy being home together.

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