Saturday at Oakland Zoo

Saturday, November 23, 2013

We have made good use of our Oakland Zoo membership since we go quite often. Simon especially loves the Children’s playground area inside and the rides outside. He likes the animals sometimes too. Like the turtles!

Iris and I went walking around by ourselves and explored the zoo.

I thought she would be interested by the giraffes.

But no, not really. She was more interested by the ducks in the water near the giraffes. Oh well.

We also saw baboons, elephants, and zebras. By the end, I was tired of walking and she was knocked out.

Yesterday, Iris tried rice with carrots and didn’t like it. Today I mixed it with some banana and she happily chomped away. She’s already got a little bit of a sweet tooth. At least it’s natural sweetness and not with added sugar.

Almost mobile! Check out Iris’ upper body strength.

Simon and Ron had a Daddy and Son afternoon at the movies. They went to see Freebirds. When they got home, I asked Simon what the movie was about and he said the “birds were fighting”. That’s all he would say to describe it. Sometimes he gives me a good description of a movie and I think it depends if he liked it or not. I think today he was more excited about the popcorn, lemonade, and gummi bears he got during the movie.

Tonight was our first experience ordering delivery from the iPhone Yelp app from Sushi Ko Restaurant. It’s powered by Eat24. I’ll say it’s convenient but it took longer than expected. They have live chat/order status but they give an unrealistic wait time. I think it ended up at least an hour and 15 minutes to be delivered. The time estimate was 45-60 minutes. I had a live chat with Eat24 at the 45 minute mark and they said the driver was on their way so only another 5-10 minutes but that ended up being way off so we were all hungry. Henry and Betty were over to have dinner with us so I got some free babysitting :). The food was pretty good overall and well packaged and detailed. They didn’t mess up anything and detailed in that all items were compartmentalized so no flavors mixed. I’d eat at this restaurant again but maybe not with takeout. They are also on Opentable so that might be a better option for us so we wouldn’t need to wait for first come-first serve.

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