Friday Night at Pyramid Brewery

Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy morning Iris.


Our little princess.


Simon’s lunch today of chicken and cucumber sushi, cucumbers, and Bosc bear. Pretty simple to make this sushi and Simon ate it all!


Friday night has become the evening we go out for dinner and try a new restaurant. So far we’ve only had one family unfriendly restaurant that we had to leave and get Church’s chicken to bring home instead. Tonight we went to Pyramid Alehouse and Brewery. Simon and Ron making silly faces.

Me with Iris.


Iris was quite interested in my apricot ale. She kept on grabbing at the glass and trying to put her mouth on it. She’s getting stronger and can really pull hard towards her. I think she thought this was her bottle filled with her favorite color liquid (yellow) so was just really curious about it. I had a hard time taking a sip without her hitting at the glass.

Overall we had a good time with good, fast service and decent food with good portions. Easy parking with their own parking lot which is a big plus with little kids. I’m sure we will be back.

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