Saturday Morning Baking – Krusteaz Cinnamon Pull Aparts

I felt like having some baked goods this morning but not really feeling like baking from scratch. Last time I was at Costco, I picked up this mix called Cinnamon Pull Aparts, it sounded yummy and was really cheap, only like $3 or something. It was a 3-pack too.

Pretty easy to mix, a bit sticky. It made our place smell like cinnamon. I think I may have overbaked it though since it was a bit dry once I put it on the serving platter. The icing was a bit thick too, so may work better if you have warm hands to soften it a bit before squeezing on top. Ron says they were addictive though. They are kind of like sloppy cinnamon rolls… next time I think I’m going to try the cinnamon roll instructions on the back, hopefully then it’ll be less messy to eat.

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