Saturday Morning Wake-Up Call & Ikea

A great way to start the three-day weekend:

Misu is curled up so that somehow, his hind leg is in front. I caught this with my camera phone when I woke up.

We are doing our best to avoid going to the East Bay this weekend while they are doing construction on the Bay Bridge so instead of going to Emeryville Ikea, we went to the one in East Palo Alto. We had a baby shower in Foster City to go to in the late afternoon so went to Ikea to get a dresser and have a quick lunch.

We tried their rib special served with fries and corn bread. The ribs were a bit cold but otherwise good. The fries a bit over battered. The corn bread was really yummy.

We also shared the Swedish meatball special. They ran out of mashed potatoes so had mac ‘n’ cheese instead. Always special and yummy.

At Ikea, I finally got myself a dresser and a great storage unit for my crafts.

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