Self Awareness

Day 45

While I was sleeping, Simon was awake at 4am with Ron.  Since Simon did not want to go back to sleep, Ron entertained Simon in front of our full length mirror.  It seems as Simon is becoming more self aware as he sometimes will smile and coo when he locks eyes with himself in the mirror or when seeing us in the mirror with him.


I’ve realized that Simon looks really cute wearing pants.  Too bad they’re such a pain when you have to do such frequent diaper changes.  This robot outfit is really one of my favorites and he’s already growing out the shirt but the pants are kind of long.  It makes me wonder if Simon has short legs with a long torso… or else these pants just weren’t designed correctly for a diaper.


Simon has been doing a lot better with tummy time and is able to hold his head up a bit longer.  Today we tried using my Brest Friend for Simon’s tummy time.


He was pretty good at it except that he was using his legs to kick and was almost toppling over the front so we had to watch him closely.  After a while he was exhausted!


So then it was nap time.   Simon sometimes will only fall sleep when being held so this is simulating our arms around him.  Nice and cozy (although Uncle Henry says it looks like a toilet bowl).


It’s been interesting to see Simon actually making eye contact with us now.  Plus he’s cooing at us and starting to smile more.  His smile is so sweet but we still haven’t figured out what we have to do to make him smile, it seems really random… but at least he is smiling so I hope he is a happy baby.

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