Puppy Pals

Day 46

Simon slept this morning with his puppy pal playmate.  My co-worker Monica bought this for him when she visited last weekend.  It’s soft and cozy so a comfortable place for him to sleep.


This beautiful Saturday afternoon we decided to drive down to Pacifica to have some ribs at Gorilla BBQ.  On our first visit, we showed up too late and they sold out of ribs.  They open at 12pm and close when there’s no more food.  So today we got there around 12:15pm and were able to score ourselves a rack of pork ribs.  Yum yum, look at that nice smoky bark on the outside.


As I mentioned before, Simon is smiling a lot more now and we’ve been trying to capture some of his different smiles on camera.  So adorable!


More puppy pals.  Carter’s has a cute line of puppy clothes and we’ve gotten quite a few different outfits.  Here’s one of the tops which Ron says reminds him of a kung fu shirt.  It has cute pants to go along with it but we didn’t bother with putting them on since we were just at home.


This is Simon sleeping… with his left hand in the air.  “Teacher, teacher, I have a question!”  A good sign?


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