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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wow! October already?! Time is going by so quickly. It will be a busy month of birthdays, moving (more on that another day), racing (Nike Women’s Marathon), and working (Ron started his new job today. Congratulations honey!).

It was a bit of a crazy morning so forgot to take a picture of Simon’s lunch but last night I made mini “pigs in a blanket” and cut up a honeydew melon. For the “pigs” I used little smokies hot dogs and ready to bake croissant dough cut into half pieces so they wouldn’t be too big for the little smokies. Wrapped them up and in the oven for 12 minutes and ready! Easy peasy and he loved them and ate them all! So proud of my little guy.

At school, the teacher has found a way to help Simon get over his panic of me leaving. They both “send me on my way” by walking me to the door and saying goodbye. He still cried at first but it calmed him down considerably and he even blew me a kiss goodbye. He was all smiles when I picked him up and he ate a good lunch so it usually means he had a good day.

Today I treated myself to a pudding milk tea with pearls. Loved the pearls and pudding but maybe not together so much. Simon remembered I work in Chinatown on Tuesday and asked me if I brought him a smoothie with pearls for after school snack. I did and it was honeydew freeze with pearls. He’s old enough to understand how to chew the pearls and loves pearl drinks just like me.

Iris can self play for at least 15 minutes without any encouragement from us. In that time, I was able to eat dinner :). It’s pretty amazing to me that she can focus on one toy for that long but she loves it and just keeps on grabbing at it. She’s also been pulling on her clothes and showing off her little round belly. Today I watched her roll from her stomach to her back all my herself. On her stomach, she can push a little forward with her legs but usually just ends up spinning herself at least 180 degrees. She’s got a powerful lower body but needs to exercise her upper body and arms before she will be ready to crawl.

Big hug for Iris!

She is starting to respond to her name so when you say “Iris”, she will look at you most of the time. Our nanny Annie says she also seems to respond to the Mandarin words “bao bao” which means you will pick her up to carry her and “yu” for fish so you will bring her to watch Ron’s fish tank. She smiles and gets excited when you look at her and say those words. Little girl is growing up. Time really is going by quickly.

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