So Much Better

Monday, September 30, 2013

Today was “so much better” according to Simon when I picked him up. He didn’t want to go to school in the morning but didn’t cry until it was time to say “see you later!” The teacher took him outside to wave bye to me as I drove off the work and he wasn’t crying anymore by the time he was outside. Although he said he had a good day, he didn’t eat his lunch hardly. Typical for Mondays. But here it is anyways: chicken and cheese grilled sandwich, carrots, persimmons, grapes, babybel mozzarella cheese, and fruit snacks. He also had some roasted seaweed, freeze dried fruits, and milk which he finished all.

They’ve been doing lots of art projects in class and some I missed because they are hanging in the classroom.


And the one I mentioned last week of the person with clothes. One of his other teachers told me about it again and said he was so smart and the only kid to put clothes and a scarf on his doll to keep it warm. I’m impressed he wanted to put his own spin on the project. Proud mama here.

Simon proudly displaying his Lincoln Log house that he built all by himself. Summer nights are winding down so he wants to enjoy as much time outside in the evening as he can.

Little Iris had a hard day with being a bit constipated. She wasn’t into napping since she probably had an upset tummy. She finally had a large poop right before we got home. She was all smiles after that.

Or maybe she just wasn’t tired since she slept an 8 hour stretch last night. I wish I could sleep 8 hours at one time but it would be painful if I didn’t continue to wake to pump. I stopped waking in the middle of the night when Simon was about 11 months since I had enough freezer stash so I look forward to stopping these late night wakings. I am proud that she hasn’t had any formula since she was less than a week old. She had a little formula in the NICU and a little at home before my milk supply came in but that’s it. It would probably be a struggle now anyways if we were to try to introduce formula. She is very particular.

Once I do stop these late night wakings, I’m not sure when I’d find time to blog since I do most of the updates during these times. I really enjoy having these daily photos of the kids to look back on.

Our beautiful sleeping babe during a nap.


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