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Day 181

It’s superhero outfits these last few days for Simon. Here he is in his Superman T-shirt.

Nitin, our friend from Singapore, was visiting so Ron and Simon took him to the Gilroy Outlets for some shopping. Here’s what Simon thinks about shopping with the guys…

jk! Ron says he was actually very well behaved the entire time. Ron did a little shopping for me and picked me up some new Jelly Belly flavors.

I’m a little afraid… what in the world will “centipede” taste like?!? I’ll let you know after I try them…

After I got off work, they came to pick me up for dinner. We went to La Taqueria in the Mission. Simon was really interested in my burrito. He actually almost got it into his mouth. Could you imagine his expression if he tasted a bit of the salsa?

We hope that we can visit Singapore next year to see Nitin and Nimisha’s little girl Aanya.

Simon had a long day and was fast asleep in his car seat on the ride home after dinner.

I am also exhausted after the activity filled weekend. It will feel good to sleep early tonight.


Day 159

Simon woke up at 7am this morning and I decided to get him and put him into bed with us. He basically relaxed and stayed calm for an hour before he got cranky and wanted to get up to play. Oh well, at least one more hour of rest for me.

Check out his shoes. Thank you to Karla, Brandon, and Miles! They are super cute but Simon’s feet are a bit chubby so were hard to put all the way on. They are pretty ingenious though with the placement of velcro to open the shoe and a cool design. I had to put the shoe on Simon’s foot then make him stand up in order to get his heel to go all the way in. I think it was hard to put on because of Simon’s chubby feet or else he is also still curling his toes.

We spent the morning and afternoon at home. Simon got his first taste of some apple blueberry puree mixed with rice cereal. He made a bit of a pucker-face when he first tasted it and seems confused by the color.

But he still finished his little bowl with little spillage but all around his mouth. He hasn’t figured out how to use his tongue yet.

Simon grinning at us while we are having lunch. He looks a bit mischievous here.

We went out for a walk downtown and when we got back, Simon was itching to get out of the carrier. I set him on the sofa briefly against two pillows and he tilted forward. Just goes to show that babies move fast. Don’t worry, he didn’t fall or anything, just tipped over slowly.

A late afternoon snack of the seasonal blueberry macaron from Bouchon. To the right is a quarter to show the size. The outer cookie was very light on the outside and the inside had creme but some sort of fruit jelly piece. It was yummy.

In the evening, we went to dinner with Virginia and Dan to Tacolicious. Virginia had bought some Groupon-like coupons so we went to try their food and redeem them.

Here are their hot sauces for the tacos, top to bottom: tomatillo, fire roasted, and habanero.

Their “pasion” cocktail. I ordered it because it had passion fruit in it and although it is pretty, it didn’t taste that good. I couldn’t taste the passion fruit at all, just a bit sweet.

Simon had fallen asleep in the car so slept through about half of the dinner.

The plantain appetizer. Very sweet and interesting sauce.

We ordered 10 tacos for $29 plus 2 extra beef tongue tacos (their special for the day) and 2 orders of corn.

Starting from the top left to right: short ribs, carnitas, chicken. Bottom left to right: beef tongue, chorizo, and fish. Our favs were the carnitas and beef tongue.

The corn. It had a bit of tang to it but was itself very sweet.

A pretty good dinner overall. Thank you Virginia for inviting us along! Tacolicious apparently serves lunch at the Ferry Building on Thursdays. That would be more convenient than heading to the Marina but not sure when I’ll get a Thursday afternoon off.

When we got home, we gave Simon another apple-blueberry + rice cereal mixture before giving him a bath and putting him to sleep. Hopefully he’ll have a good night’s rest.

Chevys Fresh Mex and Sherlock Holmes

Ron and I enjoyed a relaxing day in the city. First we hit the Ferry Plaza (sadly no farmers’ market today) for a nice stroll and a delicious cup of coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee Co. then wandered back downtown near Moscone Center to have lunch. We ended up at Chevy’s Fresh Mex since we both hadn’t eaten there in a long while.

I had their Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad. Surprisingly quite filling with all that chicken. Could have used a tad bit more dressing.

Ron ordered the Taste of Chevys, a platter with one beef and one chicken enchilada, one chicken crispy taco, and one chicken tamale. Also served with rice, your choice of beans, and a sweet corn tamalito. This was a very large plate of food but then Ron didn’t have breakfast like I did.

I have to mention that their menu is pretty cool, it lists the nutritional information for most of their dishes, including protein, carbohydrates, fat, calories, sodium, etc. You can also find it here at and look for other restaurants in your area. I’m not sure which other establishments are participating but I’m sure the number will grow with our health conscious community.

After lunch we headed over to Century Theaters at the Westfield Mall to catch Sherlock Holmes. Although the reviews sort of imply that the movie wasn’t very good, I still enjoyed it for the most part. The difficult parts for me were the language (sometimes I couldn’t understand the accent) and the length (sitting there for over 2 hours was not comfortable). I liked that there was a solution to each little mystery and that Holmes seems quite neurotic.

By the time we left the theater, it was a bit drizzly outside so went for a bit of shopping then headed home to call it a day.

Pancho’s Salsa Bar & Grill

Ron and I had dinner on Monday night at Pancho’s, it’s only a few blocks from our apt so we thought we’d give it a try since it’d be nice to have a convenient Mexican place to go to nearby.

We ordered the nachos with chicken, a steak “Borracho Burrito”, and horchata.

The horchata was pretty good but could’ve done with a bit more ice or cooling.

The chips with the nachos were nice and crispy but the cheese wasn’t evenly spread around so that was a bit disappointing. But at least the cheese was fresh and not that processed goo.

Ron had the burrito (sorry no pics) and it was filling although we thought the sauce was a bit strange. In the description, it’s a Homemade Mexican BBQ sauce and it was just a bit too sweet for our taste.

Unfortunately, I don’t think their food sat well with my stomach as I had a stomach ache all night long so I don’t think we’ll be going back there… but doesn’t mean anyone else shouldn’t try it since I have a sensitive stomach for Mexican, I can’t even eat Taco Bell!

3440 Geary Blvd (at Stanyan)