Day 181

It’s superhero outfits these last few days for Simon. Here he is in his Superman T-shirt.

Nitin, our friend from Singapore, was visiting so Ron and Simon took him to the Gilroy Outlets for some shopping. Here’s what Simon thinks about shopping with the guys…

jk! Ron says he was actually very well behaved the entire time. Ron did a little shopping for me and picked me up some new Jelly Belly flavors.

I’m a little afraid… what in the world will “centipede” taste like?!? I’ll let you know after I try them…

After I got off work, they came to pick me up for dinner. We went to La Taqueria in the Mission. Simon was really interested in my burrito. He actually almost got it into his mouth. Could you imagine his expression if he tasted a bit of the salsa?

We hope that we can visit Singapore next year to see Nitin and Nimisha’s little girl Aanya.

Simon had a long day and was fast asleep in his car seat on the ride home after dinner.

I am also exhausted after the activity filled weekend. It will feel good to sleep early tonight.

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