Shopping With Kids

Monday, December 30, 2013

Today we went back to Costco to buy our regular food supply since our refrigerator was pretty empty. Simon loves to go to Costco. I think it may be the free samples and they have so many types of fruits and snacks.

We also had to go to Ranch 99 because we were completely out of rice but after circling the parking lot a few times, Simon fell asleep. The parking lot was packed so we got lucky to get a space when someone was leaving but I didn’t want to wake Simon so Annie went to shop inside while I waited in the car with him while he slept.

And entertained Iris while Simon snored away. She is so easygoing sometimes. I feel very lucky.

I must admit, girls’ clothes are so much cuter than boys’ clothes. Simon had cute outfits when he was little but they just don’t compare to how cute little girls’ clothes are.

At Costco, we bought an activity book for Simon. He learned how to match shapes with shadows, to figure out which two pictures were EXACTLY the same, to play a game where you have to complete a box (one player draws one line, the next player draws another line, and so on until you make a box), he colored, he did mazes, he counted and wrote numbers… turned out to be a great activity book that he enjoyed.

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