Shopping for Provisions

Note: I am post-dating these entries to make it more chronological. I apologize for any strange mistakes that I might make.

To prepare for our new apt, we needed some home furnishings so we decided to go to IKEA for lack of a better place. We found some nice bed linens and had lunch at their cafeteria. They have a “Friends” program here in SG where you can join if you’ve spent over S$300 in one day or sign up for their VISA card. It entitles you to a free drink with each visit and earning points for other prizes. I wonder why we don’t have it in the US.

We headed over to the grocery store, Cold Storage, in Holland Village to buy provisions for the Partners BBQ at Heritage View in the evening. If I haven’t explained, the significant others of the INSEAD students are called “Partners” and there are BBQs and other outings that are arranged by the Partners. This was the first one for us and we were clueless because we didn’t know how these BBQs worked: who brings the charcoal? who has the grill? how much food or drink to bring? are the “other halves” allowed or is it only for Partners?

It ended up being a lot of fun once we found everyone and got the grilling started. They had plenty of food (actually too much) and karaoke. I was glad to finally meet some of the other Partners to chat.

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