Sick as a dog

Thank goodness I visited NUH yesterday so that I could drop by the pharmacy for medication. At first the medicine was for Ron because he had fevers and chills the night before but then I started feeling sick. The medicine you can buy over the counter here is different and they’re known as “pharmacy only” medicines since they don’t sell them in the supermarket. Things sold in the supermarket or 7-eleven are things like Panadol (Tylenol).

So these were my meds for the day:

Fluimucil A 600 (acetylcysteine 600mg) helps by breaking up mucous to help you bring it up easier to cough it out. This stuff works really well. It’s known as a mucolytic agent.

Difflam (benzydamine HCl 3mg) lozenges are basicially sore throat drops. It’s an NSAID like ibuprofen or naproxen that works topically and it numbs your mouth and throat so you can swallow and I think it helps so you cough less.

Procodin (promethazine 3.6mg/codeine 9mg/5ml) syrup for cough especially during sleep. It suppresses the cough really well so that I could have a good night’s sleep. If you’re naive to codeine, it really does cause constipation (!).

The pharmacist I interviewed with was very helpful in advising me on the correct medications since I was pretty unfamiliar with the first two. Shows me that I’ve got a lot to learn before practicing here.

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