Foodie Night

It’s been a week of recuperation for me. I feel much better but still have a dry cough. I went on a formal interview at NUH with HR present and they presented me with an employment contract which I accepted. I won’t get to start work until I get my employment pass (EP) which may be 2 weeks. More on the job later on.

Tonight was our weekly get together known as “Foodie Night”. We went to have some Malaysian Food on the East Coast of Singapore (we live near to the West Coast). There was a small group of us this time because there were various other events going on. The street we went to was lit up for the pre-Hari Raya celebrations. There were people all over and tons of stands set up selling celebration clothing, food, shoes, purses, and even cars!

For more on Hari Raya, check out Wikipedia!

Here’s our yummy dinner 🙂
You need a flash player in order to see the following slide show.

Afterwards, we took the MRT home and a BBQ was still going on around the pool. We dropped by to say hello to everyone and headed over to a club called Zouk for some dancing and continued socializing. It was a fun evening but I was exhausted and I’m ready to sleep.

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