Simon Artwork and Writing

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Simon and I drew this in the morning. I drew the big rectangles and held his hand while writing the letters “S”, “M”, and “N”. The rest he drew himself. He made it into an egg delivery truck and egg factory. He even wrote “E” and “G”. I’ve never seem him write letters before. He never wants to show us what he can do. I’m one proud mommy. I’m glad he decided to show off his abilities today.



Today we had lunch and did a little shopping at Ranch 99 plaza in El Cerrito. We picked up food for the week and Simon had fun exploring the store, including the aisle with the plastic furniture.


After Iris’ afternoon nap, she was full of energy. She sits with her back really straight now and can sit up for longer periods of time without slouching or tipping over.


*sigh* The long holiday weekend is over…

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