Simon at Captain Vineyards

Day 88 (Lucky day!)

This afternoon, the Captains hosted a party for little Simon and our friends and family at their vineyard in Moraga.  We had beautiful weather for the breathtaking setting.

Captain vineyards May 29 2010.jpg

Our little family.  Yes, I’m being nerdy again and tried to match out outfits.  Mine only by color but Simon and Ron are both wearing orange polos and jeans.


So cute!!!  I can’t get over it…


The Captains provided some yummy food and tastings of their wines.  Thank you to everyone who came to enjoy the day with us.  Special thanks to Henry for manning the BBQ grill for the evening.

Simon might have had a little too much to drink… we have photographic evidence…


I had some time to do some baking yesterday so made these for everyone to take home.  They are banana pecan cookies decorated with “S” for Simon (and Superman! – Ron’s idea).


Simon signaled the end of the party by suddenly having a tantrum and it took over 10 minutes to calm him down from screaming.  After screaming, it took another 10 minutes to calm him from his hiccoughs from the crying.  After that, he was perfectly fine by smiling and even laughing again.  Such a weird baby sometimes.

The Captains were very gracious hosts and we cannot thank them enough.  We look forward to when Simon is old enough to help them with their grape harvest and to learn from them the art of making wine.

For more photos, click here or if you are able to view slideshows (does not work on iPhone Safari), see below:

To find out more about Captain Vineyards, check out their website or if you would like to see photos from previous harvests, use the search bar for this blog (Search for: Captain Vineyards).

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