Superbaby! and future CAL bear

Day 89

Simon is getting more used to being on his tummy.  He actually seems to be enjoying it more as he will get kind of excited and laughs when we put him on his tummy.  He even enjoys being held on his tummy (it helps us to burp him too).


Simon had two messy diapers this morning and I got tired of having to change and wash his onesies.  I figured it’s easier to just change and wash a pair of pants than to do the whole outfit, so he got to try on his new Oskie T-shirt.  Yes, we are brainwashing him already… but he can go to any college he wants to when the time comes.  Thank you Arial for the cute shirt!  Go Bears!


We went for a quick walk in the evening and since it was so sunny, Simon had to wear his hat, and he wanted to look good for the chicks.


He did really well, didn’t cry out once and surprised me by falling asleep in this position.  I wasn’t sure if I should try to turn him around but I think if I did that, it would have woken him up so I just kept on walking and supported his head.  The hat came in handy to pull down to cover his eyes and block out some of the light and wind.  I hope we can continue our evening walks when I get back to work, it’s good exercise and a way we can spend time together.

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