Simon At Home Sick Day 2

Friday, May 9, 2014

Simon still did not feel well this morning so he stayed home from school again. He was still exhausted after we woke up although coughed a lot less last night. As I was leaving, he had a big smile on his face as Annie gave him a large set of cards featuring butterflies. He really loves butterflies lately. It was good to see him so happy even when not feeling well.

I brought him a treat after I got off work from a new drink place in Oakland Chinatown called i-Tea. They have a buy 1, get 1 free milk tea with boba offer for their grand opening. Thank you to Lucy for waiting in line to get all the drinks for us! From left to right: taro milk tea with boba and grass jelly, mango slushie with boba, and passion fruit QQ with boba. Then also the 3 free milk tea, subbed with grass jelly instead of boba (so that I could save them in the fridge and not have the boba get hard and inedible).

If you’re going to go try it out, expect long lines! Unfortunately, Simon ended up not like the mango slushie. For some reason, he didn’t want the mango fruit inside. So I drank it instead and he had milk. He was upset this morning that we ran out of milk so I went to buy some in the afternoon at the nearby Smart & Final. I haven’t shopped there in years so was surprised at how much interesting and good stuff they sell there. The milk we normally buy is a pretty good price there, cheaper than Safeway for sure.

Iris is becoming a better communicator. She signaled to me that she wanted to put on this headband.

She is still healthy so far. No signs of Simon’s cough. Simon was also much better today and Annie said he was full of energy and had a good day playing inside and outside. He seems recovered now and just needed another day at home to feel better.

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